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We are Tilo + Bua = Tibu (just in case you didn’t put the two and two together =P). Two wanderlust souls, one from Germany and one from Thailand, collided in Bangkok in 2018

As most couples do, our 4th date is a 2 weeks campervan trip around the north island of New Zealand. Yes, it was crazy. We did ponder whether it was a good idea to spend 24/7 in an intimate space for 2 weeks after only having gone on 3 dates.

But hey, what could go wrong? 

Well…as they say, high risk high reward. Before we knew it, we were free camping, hiking, and soaking in the wonder and beauty of breathtaking nature. The taste of freedom was so sweet. And we couldn’t get enough. Our unconventional 4th date left us feeling hungry for more. 

So here we are…

5 years later, quitting our jobs and seizing freedom by storm. Leaving our comfy nest in Bangkok behind, and lunging forward to our unknown in South America.

Come along with us as we immerse ourselves in the culture, people, food, and nature of different countries. As we wander, we hope to share with you our experiences through this 21st-century travel diary.